The Lupini family, renowned for concrete products, brought their expertise from Italy to South Africa almost a century ago. In the 1980's Zap Lupini branched out of the mainstream family business and Lupini Paving, now called Pavini Concrete Tiles was conceived. He consolidated a seven generation family history of producing tiles and wall cladding with Italian flair and style.  Pavini is the refined home décor piece of the Lupini story.

The essence of Pavini stems from a love for art and anything of beauty, and is characterised by passion, enthusiasm and  determination. Zap Lupini, now in his 80's, is still an integral part of the business as he passes the baton to the new generation  who are intent on taking Pavini to the contemporary market. Their passion for the African lifestyle and appreciation for the  Italian's uncompromising commitment to quality drives their desire to bring beautiful bespoke floors to the homes and living spaces of discerning property owners.


Every consignment is made to order in our new, modern production facility, where the art of producing the handcrafted tile  continues to be perfected. Pavini is old school when it comes to business: working hard, delivering quality and incredible value.


Meet Zap Lupini (patriarch of Pavini), Bruce, Richard, Pete and the rest of the team.

Giuseppe 'Zap' Lupini has been in the concrete business all his life. It's in his blood: it's in his family's blood. The Lupini's have been plying their trade in South Africa for almost a century. Zap, known as the mad-cap of the family, is a veteran motor racer and marksman. He has a deep interest in antique rifles and is the proud owner of a 'few' cannons. Zap broke away from the family business and started his own business in the mid-1980's. He has been building the business ever since and is now  synonymous with the  micron-concrete tile manufacturing industry in South Africa. What Zap doesn't know about handcrafted floors for the African market isn't worth knowing.

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Zap Lupini

Bruce is commonly described as being a serial entrepreneur. After spending close on six years abroad  post an Agricultural Degree from Pietermaritzburg University, he returned to South Africa and has for  the last 15 years been involved in a multiple array of industries and businesses ranging from imported marble tiles, to tourism, import and export activities and now coming full circle back to the tile industry.  Bruce thrives on making a success out of something he believes in and has often been criticized for  taking the most challenging routes and business ventures. These have provided a very broad spectrum of experiences! Bruce's tenacity and "never give  up" attitude will ensure that Pavini offers only the  best support and customer service experience in the industry.

Bruce Gorton

Rich has worked in different parts of Africa for over 20 years. He has a rich background in both the  private sector and civil society. Richard is passionate about the lifestyle Africa provides its citizens and is committed to contributing to a thriving private sector that creates jobs and builds skills.

Richard's versatility, systems and process engineering experience and an MBA from GIBS  are employed at Pavini to ensure uncompromised quality and the best available customer experience. A proudly South African product delivered at a world class standard is his commitment to you as a client.

Richard Douglas

Pete is a practical marketing and sales professional with over 20 years of local and international  experience in the earthmoving and construction industry. He currently lives in Johannesburg, but for  10 years worked for Caterpillar Inc. and lived in Switzerland, the UAE and USA, with significant work   experience throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. Passionate about customer  satisfaction and loyalty which drives him to work with new and innovative technologies, build lasting  relationships and deliver on promises. He is involved in a number of business ventures. He enjoys  mountain-biking, wing-shooting and fishing amongst other things. Pete is married with a daughter  and is positive about family and business opportunities in South Africa.

Peter Walters
The Pavini Team

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